Sustainable Building Commissioning
Promoting the use of technology to save our environment
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Research and Publication Purchase

  At this time, the research donation phase is complete.
  The e-book titled "A Sustainable Approach to Building
  Commissioning" is currently being published. When released, 
  the book will be available in e-book tablet compatible, .pdf 
  version, and hard copy upon request.

  The publication is approximately 300 pages in color and 
  and $9.99 USD or 6.99 € for the pdf version or e-book. 

  Importantly noted, when ordering 
  a copy, please specify in the 
  payment notes area your email 
  address so the copy can be sent 
  to you and what format you prefer 

  Thank you for your support
  in helping reducing the 
  effects of climate change.


  Steven Driver

Please remember to complete your contact information and create a password if requested