Sustainable Building Commissioning
Promoting the use of technology to save our environment

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Specialized Energy Engineer, Auditor, and Author:

  • Over 30+ years in engineering systems for energy conservation
  • Committed to quality work with a focus on reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions
  • Validated case studies proving the effectiveness of the sustainable commissioning process
  • International focus on reducing the effects of global warming on our environment 

Steven P. Driver, Ph.D.
Certified Energy Auditor and Manager

Dr. Steven Driver’s 30 years of experience includes engineering of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems (HVAC), industrial ventilation systems, mechanical system diagnostics, building systems commissioning, project management and indoor air quality mitigation. Steve has worked as a semi-conductor clean room design engineer, mechanical HVAC consultant, project manager, and energy program manager in the pharmaceutical industry.

Educational Background:

Steve is an alumnus of Northcentral University where he earned his Ph.D. in Engineering and Technology (2010) with a concentration in building commissioning. Steve is a board certified energy manager (CEM) and auditor (CEA). He holds two copyrights, one publication, and a U.S. patent associated with sustainable building commissioning technology. Having completed numerous international energy audits, he continues his mission to reduce industry operational cost and climate impact through the use of innovative technologies. 

Energy Industry Contribution:

Steve is actively involved in the International energy community. Steve currently speaks at energy conferences to promote his years of research and experience with energy efficiency. Conferences include the World Energy Congress (WEC) U.S., Energy Utilities Efficiency Conference (EUEC) U.S., Energy Efficiency Europe (EnerCon) Germany, Facility Sustainability Summit (FMA) U.S, Building Energy Efficiency Managers U.S. (BEEM), International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL) U.S., and the Massachusetts Biotech Council (MBC), U.S. 

Presentations Topics:

Steve has an industry focus on communicating means and methods associated with energy auditing. Some of the topics Steve has lectured on in past conferences include:

        -   How to use infrared technology to find big savings

        -   Understanding the Interrelationships between commissioning and reliability

        -   Achieving sustainability through human and artificial intelligence

        -   Intelligent technologies used for advanced risk mitigation, predictive maintenance, 
            reliability, and energy savings. 

        -   Effective financial management of an energy portfolio

       -   Adoption of computer based analytics to better understand anomalies and potential business            risks

       -   Approaches to defining a cloud based enterprise management system

        -  Benefits of integration of process equipment, lighting, HVAC, and security systems and their             interrelationships

       -   Understanding the bridge between quality systems (ISO 14k, 18k, 50k) and what roles 
           they play in daily quality operations

        -  The reluctance of technology implementation in the industry to adopt cloud based solutions

        Steve believes it is only through education 
        and sharing of knowledge can we begin to 
        collaborate solve the complex issues associated 
        with climate change.