Sustainable Building Commissioning
Promoting the use of technology to save our environment

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Sustainable Building Commissioning


Who is Dr. Steven Driver?

Steve is a board certified energy manager on a 
path to find real solutions to climate change. 
Addressing climate change begins with 
eliminating wasted energy which generates
excessive carbon which is put directly into
our environment.

What is his mission?

Steve's mission is to promote technologies and
products that will help save our environment 
from climate change. Years of research, 
statistical analysis, and completed case studies 
were required to validate the Sustainable 
Commissioning concept which is explained in 
Steve's new e-book titled "An International 
Approach to Sustainability" which is currently
being published.

Steve shares with you some of the highlights of his book which includes his proprietary auditing process, the integration ongoing commissioning, retroactive commissioning, and the functional / operational energy auditing experience. Steve's completed case studies have had profound results validating the following:

  • 58% increase in fault detection efficiency for ongoing commissioning
  • 26% increase for retroactive commissioning when merged into one 32 fault detection system
  • 62% average return on investment (18 months) with a 75% IRR in buildings over 50k square feet 

When combining commissioning and energy auditing techniques, the process becomes sustainable as you are combining human and artificial intelligence. Similar to the engine light in your car, you would not know there was a problem until the light came on.

A Sustainable Approach to Building Commissioning

A Sustainable Approach to Building Commissioning was written purposely by 
Steven P. Driver Ph.D. to educate anyone interested in reducing operational costs in buildings with an interest in making a difference in climate change. Through the application of energy conservation techniques, whether it’s your home or workplace, this e-book can help you reduce energy consumption. This e-book was written to educate home owners, building managers, real estate developers, university and campus facility maintenance personnel, employees, and anyone else with an interest in helping our environment. 

This publication offers an understanding of some available technologies to mitigate energy waste. Having overcome proprietary barriers which restricted the full understanding of how to combine artificial and human intelligence with respect to building commissioning is what makes this publication unique. After completing several years of post-doctoral research to understanding differences and benefits between ongoing and retroactive commissioning, we now have a better vision of what is required to make our buildings sustainable with respect to energy consumed. 

This publication includes over 30 years of experience in energy management and formed the basis for a U.S trademark on Sustainable Commissioning ©, a concept explained in this e-book. The journey continues in researching new energy reduction technologies and piloting them confirming further effectiveness of the concept. The content in this e-book was validated through the deployment of several case studies applying the Sustainable Commissioning concept. The results from those case studies have validated an average return on investment of 62% with a 75% internal rate of return resulting in an 18 month simple pay back. The results demonstrate not only how to save operational cost, but environmental benefits averaging 1,009 metric tons of carbon emissions avoided annually for each case study.