Sustainable Building Commissioning
Promoting the use of technology to save our environment

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Developed by Dr. Steven Driver, Sustainable Commissioning is a unique process which combines human and artificial intelligence to achieve sustainability. His e-book provides you with a validated methodology, one which guides you in quickly reducing energy cost and carbon emissions.
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Dedicated to promoting energy management technologies required to reduce the impact of climate change. I share with you the Sustainable Commissioning process in my new e-book with the objective to achieve optimal energy performance in all buildings globally.
The Concept
Steve has 30+ years of experience in energy auditing, building commissioning and mechanical engineering in regulated biotechnology, pharmaceutical, science research, and residential applications.  

Steve is an alumni from Northcentral University where he received his Ph.D. in management of engineering and technology in 2010. Since that time, he has completed several case studies to validate the Sustainable Commissioning concept.
Steve's focus is to significantly reduce energy and carbon emissions internationally through the use of technology to help save our environment.
The Sustainable Commissioning process includes energy auditing, retroactive commissioning to correct issues, ongoing commissioning to preform continuous fault diagnostics, and energy modeling to sustain energy efficiency over time.
The Sustainable Commissing process has proven to significantly reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. 
Help save our envornment through intelligent building management !